2023-05-24 : 16157 3D structures containing nucleic acids | RNAEQ v3.284all
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Full NAKB accession id list csv json Complete current list of structures indexed by NAKB, with mappings to PDB and NDB ids, polymer composition, and abbreviated experimental method. NAKB's primary index is the PDB id for all PDB entries. The NDB id is only used as primary index id for NDB-only entries. NAKB atlas pages can be called up by inserting either the PDB or NDB id (case insensitive) in the URL (/atlas=id). The csv and json links can be used for programmatic access.
Structure files by id set RCSB PDB Download Service Structure files for multiple PDB ids can be downloaded in bulk via the provided RCSB PDB link. To obtain a list of ids from NAKB search, first navigate to the tabular report page, then click on the ↓Ids button to download the id list.
NDB/NAKB annotations NDB NA+protein (json) NAKB protein (json) Expert protein annotations curated by NAKB (updated weekly) and older NDB protein and nucleic acid annotations for classifying NA structures (Xray and NMR only, and no longer updated as of January 2023). In json format files, data for each entry is presented as two parallel lists of annotations and corresponding numerical PDB entity ids. Extension of NDB nucleic acid annotations to all NAKB entries is planned.
NDB-only structures Assemblies mmCIF PDB format Structure Factors Files for NDB-only entries. These are historically important DNA and RNA crystal structures that were originally deposited in the Cambridge Structural Database, mainly consisting of dinucleotides.
NAKB logo png(med) png(large) svg Comprised of a generic nucleic acid strand making use of NDB colors (green: guanine, red: adenine, yellow: cytosine, blue: thymine, cyan: uracil) connected to a database symbol. Created by Maria Voigt (RCSB PDB).